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the only penis shaped USB-Stick on the market.

4Gigs of fun.
 The perfect adult gift for anyone with a wicked sense of humor

DownLoads of Fun. 
Store your videos, pics, events and celebrations on your teenyweeny™ usb stick

Cums with virus protection, 4GB memory, keychain and  giftbox

It´s not the size of your equipment,  It´s how you use it 

A naughty USB-Stick that makes working on a computer loads of fun! This is the ONLY penis shaped USB-Stick on the market. The TEENY WEENY™ USB-Stick is made from durable rubber, is shock and static resistant. This is the highest quality USB-Stick available. Perfect for anyone with a computer and a sense of humor! Firmly tug on the head to reveal the USB device. Mount your TEENY WEENY™ into any USB port, and watch it blush. This lets you know that it’s “turned on”. Save data to the TEENY WEENY™ USB-Stick and safely remove it by ejecting it or for a Mac, dragging it into the trash but make sure it stops blushing before removal. NEVER PULL OUT TOO SOON (you could lose your data!). Be sure to download the user’s manual and read before using the product. Find the link below.

The makers of the TEENY WEENY™ drive are not responsible for any misuse, unintentional use ore indiscrete use of this product, so be careful where you flash you Stick. Best to keep it in your pants until the moment is right! Caution: possible choking hazard.


Scope of delivery
Please check that the delivery is complete, and inform us within 14 days of purchase, if the delivery is incomplete. The product which you have purchased includes:

  • USB Stick (4 GB)
  • Documentation

System requirements

  • Insertion slot: USB connection (USB 1.1/2.0)
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows®XP/Vista®/Windows®7

Safety instructions
Please read through this section carefully, and follow all the instructions which it contains. In this way, you will ensure reliable operation and a long life expectancy for your USB stick.
Always keep these operating instructions close to hand near to your computer, and keep them in a safe place so that you can give them to the new owner if you pass on the device.

Data security
Note: Every time that you update your data, make security copies on external storage media (CD or DVD disks). Claims for damages due to data loss and resulting consequential damages are excluded.

Operating reliability

  • Follow the operating instructions for your computer.
  • Keep the device away from moisture, and avoid impacts, dust, heat and direct solar radiation, in order to prevent malfunctions.
  • Never open the casing. This would terminate the guarantee, and could result in the destruction of the device.
  • Do not allow unsupervised children to play with electrical devices. Children are not always capable of recognising potential dangers.
  • After transporting the device, wait until it has reached the temperature of the surroundings before operating it. If there are large fluctuations in temperature or humidity, condensation can cause dampness to arise, and this can cause an electrical short circuit. Fit the connector cover before transporting.

Electromagnetic compatibility
When connecting, the guidelines for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) must be complied with. Maintain a separation of at least one metre from high frequency and magnetic sources of disturbance (TV set, loudspeaker boxes, mobile phone, etc), in order to prevent malfunction and data loss.

It is not usually necessary to clean the device.
Attention: This device contains no parts requiring maintenance or cleaning.
Ensure that the USB stick does not become contaminated. Use no solvents, corrosive or gaseous cleaning agents. Clean the casing with a damp cloth if necessary.

Disposal  of device
you must not throw the device into normal household waste at the end of its useful life. Enquire about the options for environmentally friendly disposal.

Your device has been placed in packaging to protect it from transport damage. Packaging is created from materials which can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and through appropriate recycling.

Remove the protective cover from the USB stick, and insert the device into a free USB insertion slot. The USB stick is now recognised, and the operating system assigns an available drive letter. You can now use the device as if it were a diskette drive (copy, delete files, etc).

Remove USB Stick
Depending on the operating system, it may be necessary to eject the device. The installed USB stick is displayed in the Task Bar. Left-click on the symbol "Safely Remove Hardware". Then left-click on the drive to be ejected.

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